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Partner Promotions

What are Partner Promotions?

Being based in the UK, we like to promote other UK companies, in a mutually beneficial marketing partnership. We usually work with one partner at a time to drive consumer awareness, web traffic, subscribers and new customers.
As a coffee blog, our target visitors and subscribers are “everyday coffee lovers”. We have our share of connoisseurs, but the bulk of our readership are folk who love and seek-out good coffee, machines, accessories and coffee houses.

The Partner Program

The program increases traffic and awareness for your business at a low cost, gives you new customers, and gives us subscribers.

Everyone is busy, so we keep this as simple as possible. The mutual promotion comprises these activities

  • We review a product (from the partner) and write a review article. We don’t mind what the product is, as long as it’s interesting and informative to a coffee-loving readership. We write honest reviews for our readership, so the product should have a lot of positive and interesting features.
  • The partner donates a prize related to the review product, and we run a prize draw (on Coffee Spout). This prize draw creates buzz, awareness and interest for our partner, and we gain subscribers. We mutually benefits from new traffic and greater awareness.
    The nature and value of the prize is decided by the partner. We select a “winner” at random from eligible entries and send the winner’s contact details to the partner. The partner sends the prize directly to the winner.
  • We promote the draw and our article throughout the agreed promotion period.
  • Depending upon the prize, Coffee Spout may run some PAID Google or Facebook Advertising to expand the reach of the article and draw.
  • We expect that partner to run an advert on our site. The banner ad runs for the promotion period (usually a calendar month).
  • We link to our partner site, and our partner puts up a link to our site.
  • The partner can link to our article for promotional purposes.

What the Partner gets

In summary, the partner gets:

  • One month of promotion from us and our site
  • Optional banner advertising on our site (a shared (rotating) or dedicated banner ad, toward the top of the right sidebar)
  • New customers (we cannot guarantee that, of course!)
  • Increased awareness and visibility
  • More web traffic
  • We produce a program summary at the end of the promotion period, showing clicks and activity etc, for the promotional period

The Cost to our Partner

This is a very cost effective way to generate interest, awareness and traffic. We run the program and our partner:

  • Provides a product for review. We never change or expect payment for a review, and we return physical products like machines and accessories (the partner pays shipping both ways). We do not bother to return part-used consumables.
  • Donates a prize for the draw, and sends it directly to the winner.
  • Provides us with program support (logos, images, product information etc) that helps with our review and promotional activities.
  • Supplies (if they want) banner ad creative in jpeg format (400 x 300 for a sidebar advert, and a 900  x 200 banner advert).
  • May decide that we can help with some extra paid advertising on Facebook or Google. For more substantial prizes, we may run our own paid Advertising.

Thanks it! There are no mandatory cash payments to participate in the program. To cover our advert admin, we charge £50 for the optional advertising banners.

We are happy to discuss other ideas or suggestions, of course.

Rules and Terms

We work with integrity, and we expect our partner to do the same. At our sole judgement, we reserve the right to terminate the program if the partner or their content is misleading, obstructive, abusive, dishonest, or not family-friendly. Our standard Terms and Conditions apply at all times.

How do you become our monthly Promotion partner?

If you’re interested in seeing how we can work together contact us here.