McDonald’s coffee served though a window

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Washing the politics down with good coffee.

I like good coffee. In fact, I really, really like really good coffee. I’m not a trained barista, nor am I an internationally-recognised connoisseur, but I know when I have a good coffee in front of me.

Some people appear to be more interested in advertising their personal lifestyle by associating themselves with recognised brands (like folk you see in supermarkets inexplicably brandishing a cup from their favourite coffee shop), but I am not one of them. Actually, I don’t really care what brand name it has on the cup, as long as I’m enjoying the coffee. And at that moment, mine is the only opinion that matters. I savour those moments.

When out and about this week, I was listening to The World At One on Radio 4, and thought I would park up with a coffee to enjoy the political debate. Hence, I found myself leaning out of my car window to grab a black coffee at McDonalds.

That was one of those moments when I knew I had a good coffee. In fact it was a really good coffee, made from 100% Arabica beans (Rainforest Alliance Certified).
Now, I know it came out of a machine and the button was not pressed by a barista. But it was a machine that transformed roasted, whole beans directly into a good coffee; and the server was very polite too.

The drink appears to be a machine mix of coffee and hot water so to me, it’s between an “Americano” and a “Long-Black”. Initially it has a crema like a Long Black, but it soon dispersed to look like an Americano. Taste and aroma were good.

The only slight niggle for me was the high temperature. When buying a coffee from the counter, I usually ask for one or two ice cubes to be added which brings their ideal brewing temperature down to my preferred drinking temperature. As I took this coffee from a window, I forgot to ask for the ice so it was just too hot to drink straight away.
I had to wait about 15 minutes to properly enjoy it, but it wasn’t a problem as it gave me some more “me time” to enjoy the political debate.

For the lifestylers who only like specialist coffee outlets – you ought to try one from McDonald’s.

In summary, this was yet another good coffee from McDonalds and come to think of it, their coffee always seems to be so. I guess consistency is a key part of the McDonald’s method.

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