Making coffee without power

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How to make fresh coffee when you find yourself without mains power?

Perhaps on a building site or on a picnic, or anywhere without mains power?

There are various hand pump devices available (like this Hand-pump espresso portable coffee machine from Amazon), but they don’t usually heat up the water. You’ll have to take a flask of hot water with you – you might as well just take a flask of coffee to start with!

But here’s a brilliant device from Makita – a well know name in the professional tools sector. It’s so simple yet brilliant – a coffee machine that uses a standard Makita tool battery pack. It even comes with a Makita-branded aluminium coffee mug and other accessories.

It is a filter machine, but no filter papers are needed, it has a basket-type filter, or you can also use a coffee pod (one of the 60mm paper bag types).

It has a sturdy fold-away handle on the top – a nice toolbox look.

What batteries does it use?

This clever machine can use Makita 18v, 14.4V, or 10.8V-12V batteries. The machine itself comes without a battery but is has two battery slots to accommodate various Makita battery fitments. This clever 2-slot design makes the machine available for users with different battery voltages.

How long does a brew take?

With the 18V battery, it takes approximately 5 minutes for a brew. As you might expect, it takes a little longer when using the the lower voltage batteries.

Where can I get one?

They are not as widely available as domestic coffee machines, but we spotted then for sale on Amazon from around £82 – £98.

This is the maroon model
This is the blue model

Looking for a spare 18V Makita battery? Here’s one on Amazon (a Makita BL1850B 18 V 5.0 Ah Li-ion LXT Battery Pack).

All you need now is a Makita Job-Site Radio for that terrific job-site coffee break!

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