L'OR coffee capsules

L’or, a gold standard?

Can the capsule live up to to its colour?

L'OR coffee pack“L’or” is the French for “The Gold”, a phrase often relating to the best in class, the best service etc. It was that, I suppose, that made me curious about L’OR coffee, and it’s been advertised on TV lately, so I guess it sells OK!

And despite the luxurious presentation of the L’OR packaging, my first thought was that a capsule coffee trying to appeal to the mass consumer market might be somewhat “middle of the road”. I have been there before with other coffees that are branded Nespresso compatible which were sometimes a little on the disappointing side (taste and strength).

I am very fussy about my coffee. My personal brew preference is for lungo (“long espresso”) and in the morning its a double lungo for me (2 espresso shots) which are crafted from a manual espresso machine.

But hey! I like to try new things, so I purchased a pack of 10 L’OR Nespresso capsules for £2.99. 30p per single shot over the 9p or so I pay for my favourite espresso shot is quite a bit more. However, there are upsides like convenience, consistency and freshness. I bought the middle of the strength range of 9 “Forza” (they rank from 7 to 12).

LOR is from the very reputable Douwe Egberts people, and they claim their aluminium capsule retains freshness over plastic, and to produce a “creamier foam” (properly called the crema). I take a good crema seriously and if any coffee pull loses its crema quickly then I am disappointed before I taste the brew.
L'OR coffee presentation
Whilst accepting that most people use one capsule for their latte or flat white, the one “biggie” thing I kinda don’t like about coffee capsules is the amount of grind in the capsule. My own home lungo’s take about 12g of grind, whereas capsules seem to hold around 5 to 5.5g; which for me is not enough and I usually resort to using 2 capsules to get an OK brew – which can ruin the Crema a bit and make the coffee about 60p (ouch!).

Here is what I though of the experience.

Overall packaging and capsules quality and presentation.

In a word, terrific. It’s been well thought through and the packaging is clearly part of the whole experience.


As a fussy coffee nut, I thought the taste was great. Punchy with a complexity of flavour, and totally exceeded my expectations. The coffee tasted fresh and lively.

But apart from trying the Nespresso shot, I was a little cheeky in splitting open two capsules to look at the grind – but really to make a double lungo!

The coffee grind is, which I find common in capsules, is a very fine grind, I think intending to expose as much coffee surface area as possible during a brew.

I loved the taste of this coffee. But what really surprised me was that I even enjoyed a single capsule brew.


L'OR coffee cremaAs I said before – this is very important. And the crema lived up to their “creamier foam” claims. The capsule produced a good delicate crema which held in place, not dissipating. Very nice!

In summary

Did the capsule live up to to its colour? For me it did. I loved this coffee.

I now want to try the packs of ground coffee but my usual supermarket sells up to a strength 8 which might be OK. However, I see online L’OR offers four different Lungs blends in the capsule, but I wonder if i can get some of these to try? If I do I’ll be back at my keyboard.