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Home coffee activity #5

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Activity #5 : Enjoying coffee in different ways

During the current Coronavirus stay-at-home periods, we are suggesting “coffee” things you can do. Stay tuned for more suggestions!

For this activity, we look at some different ways to enjoy coffee – for which we never seem to find time!

The stove top coffee maker

Also called a “Moka Pot”, these pots are a very different way to make coffee. Espresso coffee is made by squeezing hot water under pressure through grinds. Stove tops work by passing hot water over grinds in a controlled way at a much lower pressure. Therefore it has a very different flavour. The water is forced up under pressure by steam pressure in the lower chamber, but in fact the water is not actually “boiling” which might taint the coffee flavour; the water temperature is usually around 90-93°ree; C.

Not many people have a Moka Pot, so it’s a great time to try them out. We think Bialetti are probably the brand we see most often.

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Like the sound of a vanilla latte? Or would you like to try replicate your favourite coffee shop brew? There are so many flavours – vanilla, cocunut, hazlenut, caramel, gingerbread, chocolate…. and they don’t cost too much either.

Syrups are an interesting and delicious way to add something very different to your coffee! You add syrups carefully to your coffee, and you will need to experiment on the amount, otherwise they can make your drink too sweet. But get the amount right and you have a great way to try different coffee experiences.

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Espresso cups

Most people seem to drink their coffee from mugs. OK, I use an 8oz mug for my morning “lungo”.

But if you want to try espresso “properly!!!” then make an espresso as it should be made and serve it like it should be served. 25ml of espresso in a warm espresso cup. And the warm cup is important – you don’t want a cold coffee. Warm the cup but do NOT make the cup hot. Many espresso machines have a cup warming plate on the top, otherwise use warm water.

So, switch up that morning mug for the Italian style experience.

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