Is coffee drinking OK when shopping?

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Despite getting free coffee, Waitrose customers seem upset.

Coffee is a terrific drink. It delivers a pleasurable experience, especially when one takes the opportunity for a “time out” to savour the coffee. It is particularly good to fortify the mind before tackling one of life’s chores; such as the shopping.
I regularly visit a supermarket where they have a concession coffee house, and it’s nice to take a moment to enjoy an Americano or Latte before hitting the aisles.

So, you might understand why I find it a little irksome when fellow shoppers decide it’s a good idea to drink their coffee whilst shopping. Don’t start me on simultaneous texting, ignoring their kids, and not being able to control their trolley – all whilst carrying a hot (scalding?) coffee around the store.

Please – just enjoy the coffee!

Not only are these folk missing the opportunity to sit with the family to enjoy a relaxing moment and a nice coffee, but they can be a nuisance with one-hand holding a coffee and the other grasping their phone. Admittedly, I haven’t seen a spilt coffee yet, but if anyone has stories about such incidents I would like to know….

However, it seems that Waitrose customers are even more irked. See this interesting Daily Mail article. It appears that Waitrose customers object to the free coffee given by the store to anyone with a loyalty card. And its not just safety concerns that bothers the regular customers – but some claim it “attracts the wrong clientele”.


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One thought to “Is coffee drinking OK when shopping?”

  1. I would agree it’s a pain trying to maneuver a trolley round a chatting couple with a coffee in their hand through a narrow aisle. FRUSTRATING!

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