Fancy poo with your coffee?

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If you have the spare cash, you too can buy coffee that’s had a poo treatment.

Many seem to have heard about Civit Coffee, which is made from coffee berries that have passed though the digestive system of an Indonesian cat-like creature called a luwak. The luwak eats the berries for their fruity pulp, and then the berries essentially ferment in the animal’s gut before being passed with the animal’s poo, where they are thankfully separated. This unusual process is supposed to impart a very specific, and highly valued, taste to the beans. The beans are (or were?) reputed to be the most expensive coffee beans available, at about $1,000 per Kg. At that price, the raw coffee to make a single espresso will be around $7 for a single shot. Those lucky enough to afford that particular coffee experience will pay up to $50 per brewed cup.

But joining the ranks of digestively-produced coffee is one that’s made from Arabica berries that have passed though the digestive systems of elephants, in Thailand. Yes, that’s right, the big grey ultra-adorable beasts. The ‘post-passing’ production process starts by separating the digested berries from the elephant dung (again thankfully). The resulting coffee flavour is supposed to be very special – described as “earthy in flavour and smooth on the palate”.

A search indicates that the coffee (called Black Ivory Coffee) sets you back around $1,100 to $1,200 per Kg, exceeding the above price of Civit Coffee. If you’re paying over $8 for 7g of coffee to make a single espresso, then brew carefully.

As a “coffeeholic”, I have to confess to mixed feeling about these particular blends. The poo aspect is somewhat off-putting but at the same time, I would try them if given the opportunity.

But for me, the biggest deterrent factor is simply the cost. Sadly, they are too costly for us to review here.
Maybe one day….

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