Cold brew coffee. You’re kidding, right?

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Cold coffee, but made cold

For the coffee lover, used to taking extra-special care to get the hot water temperature just right, it seems totally bizarre to make coffee with cold water. As we are not even talking about passing water through grinds at a specific pressure either. Hold onto your hat – we are talking about simply soaking your beloved beans in cold water and then drinking the resulting brew. Are we mad? – well we thought it was a bit odd, but in fact “cold brew” is kinda developing a momentum.

The cold brew coffee tends to bring out the sweeter side of the coffee – reducing the familiar ‘kick’ you might get from, say, espresso. The process is particularly well suited to a light roast and although the drink is good for a morning drink on a warm day, it’s perfectly fine at any time of any day.

And, cold brew is not like “iced coffee” that you may have tried in the USA (where normal drip-made coffee or espresso is allowed to cool and then poured over ice). This is different…

So – how do you make cold brew?

It is possible to make cold-brew using a standard manual drip arrangement – just using cold water instead of hot. But this seems less popular than the soak method described here.

It is pretty simple really. You soak the beans (not ground) in cold water and then…well..drink the brew. But the brew needs good quality filtered water, and the soaking takes overnight (about 8 hours). It is best to get a purpose-build cold-brew pot (these are not expensive), because the beans are best contained in a mesh. Here are the steps:

  • Add your bean to the pot
  • Add cold (filtered) water
  • Give it good stir
  • Put in the fridge for 8 hours (overnight)
  • Pour and enjoy

OK, I want to try. What next?

You may have your favourite beans to hand already, but if not why not choose a light-roast bean from here. Remember a lighter roast may work better. You will also need a cold-brew jug (and a fridge!). The jug below is only £15.

Cold Brew Coffee Jug £15

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