Bag a cafetiere coffee without the cafetiere!

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We test some British made Coffee Bags.

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Real Coffee Bag Co

Do you like cafetiere coffee?

Most people will be familiar with a cafetiere, sometimes called a French Press (although it was invented in Italy). Some use a cafetiere everyday for their morning coffee, some only use after dinner, and some use them only when they have evening guests.

With a little care, a cafetiere can make great coffee. But, in my humble opinion, they suffer from one key hassle – onerous cleaning. It’s not like an espresso holder which can be easily and quickly emptied and cleaned; cafetieres usually need to be disassembled for cleaning which is messy and fiddly. For this reason, our own cafetiere usually stays in the cupboard, sadly.

Cafetiere coffee without the fuss and mess

But, cafetieres do make nice coffee, so wouldn’t is be terrific to get that great infused ground coffee taste without the fuss, mess or cleaning?
Well, you can – using COFFEE BAGS.
I have seen coffee bags used widely in some countries (e.g. in the US large bags are commonly used in drip machines), but not in the UK. So, we were delighted to see a UK company major on Coffee Bags, and were so intrigued that we decided to test them. The producing company is aptly named the “Real Coffee Bag Co“, and they developed the bags with their own coffee blends. Their coffees are blended and roasted in England.

Our Coffee Bag review

These are the four varieties that we tested.

Real Coffee bags, collection

  • White Blend, a dark roast (Decaf)
  • Home Blend, a medium/dark roast
  • Emirates Blend, a medium/dark roast
  • Iberian Blend, a medium roast

Making the coffee

A bag containing ground coffee is a simple idea, and making their coffee is also simple, straightforward and convenient. Simply infuse the coffee bags in a cup (as you would a ‘one-cup’ tea bag) for 3 to 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, and then remove the bag. Add sugar and milk to your taste and that’s it! You have a quality cup of cafetiere-style ground coffee without the mess or fuss (or cafetiere!). It’s quickly brewed but it’s definitely not like any instant coffee!

The company provides a video demonstration of making coffee with their bags on this video.


The bags bring a welcome convenience for everyday use. But I also think they would be useful in obtaining that ground coffee experience when you don’t have access to your home kitchen. Like in the office, when travelling, walking and camping, on holidays, or when staying in a hotel. I think you could even use these in a cafetiere jug (without the plunger) when you have guests; each bag has 10g of ground coffee, and you will basically need one bag per served cup. Time to bring the cafetiere out of the cupboard, I feel.

The taste test

These are the four varieties that we tested, and we tried them each prepared with milk (no sugar) and served black (again, no sugar). This is what we thought….

Emirates Blend

Home Blend

Iberian Blend

White Blend

Emirates Home Iberian White
Overall A sweeter, softer coffee, with a stronger flavour.
Milked Preference This one was our personal preferences when milk was added.
Overall A fruity coffee, great for all day consumption.
Black Preference This one was our joint personal preferences when drunk black.
Overall A softer and lighter roast, with sweetness and caramel hint. A full flavour. Overall Surprisingly full-bodied for a Decaf, but smooth.
Black Preference This one was our joint personal preferences when drunk black.

In summary, although we expressed marginal preferences – all of these coffees were very good, and in fact there is little to choose in terms of what we preferred. They each have their distinct flavour. The decaf White Blend was, at least to us, closest to the Home Blend, meaning you could enjoy a similar flavour at all times of the day.


For the blends we tested, you get 15 bags for £5, so each cup costs about 33p (the decaf “White Blend” variant is £6 for 15 bags). There is also a Nicaraguan Single Origin blend (we didn’t test this) for £9.95. Usefully, they also supply catering packages of 1Kg, and if I were running a restaurant I think these would be a worthwhile way to prepare coffee because of the authentic ground coffee taste added to their convenience of use.


Although coffee connoisseurs focus their attention around Espresso and its derivatives, the everyday coffee lover actually just ‘appreciates nice coffee’. So these coffees definitely have a place in the market, and we would be happy to drink these at any time if that’s what you like.

If you are looking for that ground cafetiere taste, then we think you ought to give these a try. We think you will like them – we did!

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