Another Fine Americano

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A relaxing Americano on a chilly morning. What’s not to like?

On chilly mornings when I’m out early, I like to stop for a coffee. As I was in the area, I stopped by the Costa concession in Tesco Aylesbury (the one on Tring Road).
I ordered my preferred coffee style – an Americano, and a pack of 2 gluten-free bakewell tarts (£3.75 in total).

The coffee was, as usual, very good although the cup was filled a little too much. I know it’s picky but I think an Americano is supposed to be an espresso topped up with hot water. This was made from a cup of hot water with the espresso tipped on top. I know it’s the same mix, but made in the proper order means that the cup can be filled to the correct level, and is not overfilled. Also the crema is lost. But it’s really a small point based on my personal preference. It was also served in a take-away cup which may have accommodated more water.

The bakewell tarts were just fine, and catering for gluten intolerant customer is a good thing. Well done you!

The cafe was clean and tidy, and very relaxing in the comfy armchair.

WiFi wasn’t available, but I suspect this is down to Tesco. I don’t get even a basic phone signal in the main store, never mind mobile data or WiFi (if there is any). I get a mobile signal in the car park, so maybe the store’s metal ceiling blocks things.
Some say a lack of connection results in a more relaxing experience and I can see their point because today’s coffee stop was indeed very relaxing.

I rather like Costa Americano and today’s coffee gives me another reason to return. The fact that it’s a UK company (and I note the paper cups and the cakes are made in the UK too) and their commitment to the Rainforest Alliance adds to the appeal for me.

Overall, a good experience. For me peraonlly, 4½ stars!

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