About Us

Coffee Spout is a blog by coffee lovers for coffee lovers. We endeavour to bring you our readers offers, promotions and competitions (or at least tell you about them) so that you can get the most from your coffee experiences.

We want to share information about coffee, and the world of coffee, and to¬†share our personal experiences about coffee and cafe’s. We also like trying out coffee machines and coffee making accessories, and want to give our fair and honest views of how they work for us, personally. We don’t want you to take our comments as any sort of recommendations on any particular style of coffee, machine or accessory, and whatever you buy is entirely your decision!.

We welcome any input, comments, articles, news and coffee-related links – in fact anything that helps to inform, entertain or help our coffee-loving readers.

We are happy to publicise cafes, new coffee blends and paraphernalia, so if you want a mention on the site then contact us. Or send a biography of what you offer. If you want to run an advert on Coffee Spout, then contact us here.

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