A coffee at the end of the world

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The weather was bright, but cold. After a walk in Wendover Woods, we needed warming up…

So the way home we stopped at the World’s End Garden Centre.

Although they have a concession Costa at the front of the centre, we decided to visit their restaurant because we wanted lunch. It’s a regular lunch stop for us as the food is usually good, and despite being quite a big building with a high ceiling, it has a nice, airy, family atmosphere.

They provide the usual range of coffees, and they use a ‘proper’ espresso machine. I had an Americano and this was made in the way I prefer: Espresso topped up with hot water. There are, of course, two obvious ways to make Americano, add hot water to an Espresso (which really is an Americano), or add an Espresso to hot water (which technically is a “long black”).
I will let you debate the pros and cons, but I personally prefer the former method. Either way, there is one common issue whatever method is used – the crema is often lost. I find that, if the water is carefully added to the Espresso, the crema can be preserved. However, most cafes blast hot water under pressure into the Espresso and hence the crema is lost.

At home, I usually go for the Lungo method where all of the water is passed through the grind (and its a smaller drink than the American). But if I ask for Lungo at many cafes, I get a quizzical look…

The World’s End Centre Americano was very enjoyable and I will certainly be going back for another soon.

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