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Advertising and Marketing Options

FREE and commercial advertising and marketing options

We work hard to drive relevant traffic to our site, and we strive to be informative, interesting and entertaining for our visitors. Hence, promotions and adverts on our site are much more likely to be read – and clicked! – than on more-passive sites. We promote our site and its content using Social Media, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, SEO and Partnership Marketing.

Because this site is a specialist coffee site, we are not cluttered by other products or services. Therefore, our visitors are usually interested in coffee and associated items.

And, we think our commercial options are very affordable. Why not try us?

Commercial options

There are a number of ways to use our site for marketing, and we are flexible and happy to consider suggestions.

Directory “Featured Cafe” Advertising

Cafes and coffee shops in our Cafe Directory are able to buy advertising impressions on the Cafe Directory Page. We usually sell these in blocks of 50 impressions.

Note – when you first sign up to our Cafe Directory, you get some impressions for free (usually 20 impressions).

Priority Listing in the Cafe Directory

If your cafe or coffee shop is listed in our Cafe Directory you may prefer that your cafe appears toward the top of the listing for your County. We offer Priority Listing for a small annual charge.


If you cafe, product or service offers something different or unusual, why not tell our readership about it? You can write an article for our main blog page (e.g. a Cafe Review), and we will even promote it on our site.

The advertorial would link to your own web page. So, if you have a cafe on the edge of cliff, if you sell special coffee, have regional speciality food, or perhaps your location has some historical importance, let our readership know!

Note that we retain full editorial control and approval, and we seek to validate all information so that our site remains honest, open and truthful. And we mark your blog as an advertorial. For something really unusual, we will be happy to post the article for free, otherwise we may request a small charge.

Banner Advertising

Our site is responsive, so it works well on all devices from big desktops to small smart phones. Our main adverts types are usually placed in three places:

  1. In the sidebar – for typical desktop and laptop visitors.
  2. At the top of the main blog page and at the top of the blog category views – for typical tablet and smart phone visitors.
  3. Near the top of each blog article, when reading the blog article – for all visitor types.

Advert sizes

Because the site is responsive, a single size of 800px wide will work for every advert position on the site- they will flex to the available space. However, we know that some ads will not ‘work’ as well when shrunk down (i.e. to fit the sidebar). we we also offer a 250px wide option only for the sidebar.

These are the sizes of Advert creative we accept:

  • 800px wide up to 200px tall, as jpg files. We can use taller ads, up to 400px tall, but they are more expensive.
  • 250px up to 200px tall, as jpg files. We can use taller ads (e.g. “skyscraper ads”) up to 800px tall, but they are more expensive.

Important Note to Advertisers
All paid links from this site’s adverts are marked up as “nofollow”, so that we do not pass Page Rank to the linked sites. This is best practice, and necessary so as to not violate Google’s search policies. To be clear, we will not accept advertising that may artificially influence Page Ranking.

How do I proceed?

We don’t list our marketing prices here as they are scaled depending upon requirements, duration, and other factor. But we always want to give great value, so get in touch for a friendly conversation about what you are looking for.

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Monthly Promotion Partner

Our Monthly Promotion Partner program is a very cost-effective method for other UK companies to drive increased awareness, traffic and sales. This is a mutual program and is simple to enrol and operate. See our Partner Promotion page for details.

FREE options

For UK Coffee Shops and Cafes, we offer a FREE entry in our “Cafe Directory”. Visit our Cafe Directory for more information, and to submit your entry.

For a limited time, for UK Coffee Shops and Cafes in our Directory, we are giving FREE advertising in our Featured Cafe slot. Each Cafe Directory entry will receive 20 advertising impressions in the Featured Cafe slot (in the top right hand side of the Cafe Directory). Visitors selecting your County will see Featured Cafes advertised one at a time (on a random basis amongst all those with available impressions). The FREE entry will receive a maximum of 20 impressions, but Coffee Shops and Cafes in the Directory can buy more impressions as an affordable price.

Other information

Coffee Spout is operated by Simmarcom Limited. Companies undertaking commercial arrangements with Coffee Spout are also accepting Simmarcom’s Limited’s terms and Conditions, as well as the Coffee Spout Terms Of Use.

All payment must be made in full, in advance of placement. Payments are accepted via PayPal. Only under exceptional circumstances will we consider payment by invoice after placement.